An admin is someone on Wikia who helps Wikis. They help shape up the users to be aproppriate to other users. This controls fighting and cyberbullying. Overall, admins are helpful and trusted users around the Wikia that we need so it doesn't get insane.

What and What Nots for Being an AdminEdit

Most admins have been on the Wiki for a while. It may seem long, but admins usually have been on Wikia for years! Being patient is of course part of becoming an admin. That's not all, though.

Admins only become admins because they are trusted around the Wiki. For example, if there was a troll on the Wiki who kept getting banned and was disliked on Wikia but this person had been on Wikia for five years, they wouldn't be chosen as an Admin because they weren't trusted. Now you are understanding the part about being a curtious user.

Polite users usually try to help anyone who needs help with something on Wikia. Even when someone doesn't need help, they are still nice. If you think all you do is help people to become an admin, then you will become pushy and say to people rediculous things like "You need help with something!" or pushing some out of the way and saying, "They can't help you! I can!" which will end up in you not becoming an admin.

Another reason some people don't become admins is because of irritating people. Examples would be spamming, cyberbullying, etc... but in the admin category of irritating, they would be pushy to admins and saying over and over and over again, "CAN I BE ADMIN?" "I WILL BE SUCH A GOOD ADMIN SO PLEASE MAKE ME ADMIN!" "PRETTY PLEASE MAKE ME ONE OF THE ADMINS!" and that decreases the chance of the admin telling you that you can be an admin.