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1.1 Edit

Profanity, exceptions which can offend people, assertion of superiority over others based on subjective or emotional reasons are denied.


Spam and vandalism are denied.


Copypaste from other projects of are denied.


No religious or controversial discussions on wikis of WikiUnion.


Do not add any pictures not based on the topic to a page. Never add any other images that are highly offensive to public.


Welcome voluntary and responsible participation in the creation of articles and improvement of wikis of WikiUnion.


Don't posting any advertisements or solicitations of business on wikis of WikiUnion.


Don't posting or transmitting any communication or solicitation designed or intended to obtain password, account, or private information from any WikiUnion user.


Don't create accounts with provocative names.


Don't use your admin or bureaucrat rights for pressing users.


Don't create pages on other wikis about information, which exists on wikis of WikiUnion.


If you block any user, don't write reason of blocking in style: "Sorry, bro". You must write, what point of Constitution this user offended.


Don't block user for a time more than 2 years.

This rules begins to act since 14 June of 2014.

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