Spam, according to Wikia, is unwanted advertisements and links to other websites. In this case, spam pages are pages that we do not really want because it clutters the site with pointless material.

So what can warrant a page to be a spam page? Here are a few examples of what can consist of a spam page.

  • If A pAgE iS wRiTtEn In AlTeRnAtInG cApS
  • if a page is written in all lowercase
  • If a page has nothing written on it; a blank page
  • Anything that is devoid of literary merit.
  • Anything that is unreadable.
  • Anything that ends with a meme. Reviews about memes are alright, but having something that talks about something else that ends with memes is not.

Keep in mind that this goes with blogs.

If you do make a spam page, you will be blocked for three days. If you come back after the three days and you make another one, you will be blocked for a week. And so on so forth.

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